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About the Artist

Ali Mourabet is an Architect since 1976, practicing Architecture and Interior Design, in addition to painting. He worked as a caricaturist in Abu Dhabi in a daily newspaper and two weekly magazines from 1978 to 1980.  He held several art exhibits both locally and in Europe and the US.

Art Exhibits: International:

- Los Angeles USA 1988

- Paris 1993 at Gallerie Shammas.


- Saida 1990 Spring Gallery

- Beirut 1991 (AUB Alumni Club)

- Saida 1991 Arab Cultural Club

- Joint Gallery at Omar Al Mukhtar Center

- Beirut 1992 (AUB Alumni Club)

- Joint Gallery 1994 at Architects’ Syndicate

One of Ali's paintings was chosen by United Nations Unicef organization in 1990 to be a postcard, as it was a painting representative of the Middle East, and it was used for two consecutive years.

Another drawing of the College Hall (American University of Beirut) was selected as a poster and postcard and sold to raise funds for its reconstruction in 1992.

Also, a painting was chosen by the Lions’ Club to be used as a postcard in a fundraising event.